Well hello there!

Hi! Great to meet you!

So nice of you to join us! In beginning this blog, I found myself doing “the thing”. You know… the thing we’re you start putting things into a perspective of “oh isn’t everything so wonderful”, “isn’t everyone so happy”, “isn’t life perfect and grand”. Yeah… I knew you’d know what I was talking about. So I caught myself doing “the thing” and felt my eyes roll and thought “No. Stop that. Be real.” Steven and I are real. We love to have fun and be happy! He and I spent so much of our “past lives” being unhappy and now that we know how great life can be, we’re loving every minute of it!

We are getting married in 161 days!

Steven and I have both been married before so this isn’t going to be a big wedding… it will be at our church by our preacher. We’ll be going on a Royal Caribbean cruise for the honeymoon and you better bet we’ll be blogging and vlogging all about that!

In the mean time…

We’ll be posting things about what we eat and our exercise that way you can see our progress. By the way, we eat a plant-based diet. Some people laugh at us or even get offended when we tell them that. I don’t understand why… it’s not like we’re condemning them for eating meat. It works for us and that’s what matters. The two of us have been doing this going on four months and we feel great! Also, it turns out I don’t mind cooking!! I couldn’t stand cooking before. Could. Not. Stand. It.

It was a total downer for me and I just didn’t get it because women in the south are supposed to LOVE to cook. That was just another thing I thought was “wrong” with me. So wouldn’t you know that when I removed the dead animal and animal byproducts from the equation, I got into it! I’m not saying I’m a vegan super chef but at least now it doesn’t gross me out! It’s not as difficult as I was afraid it would be.

We try our best to go walking every day but that doesn’t happen. Over the summer, we did really well with the every day schedule but life happened and we’re still trying to get back to it. However, I went from BARELY being able to walk a mile to walking three miles and even running some! Running is definitely something I NEVER thought I would do. Not ever. It’s still hard but now that I can see some progress, it’s quite motivating. Steven is a wonderful workout partner… he’s so upbeat and inspiring even when I’m being a princess pouty pants. Being a princess pouty pants is not something I’m proud of…. I am trying to do better, though. He’s even gotten the girls into it.. kinda. That’s another reason I want to do better. I have to set a good example. Yeah….. sooooo..

Do you do anything special to get rid of the “don’t wannas”?

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