3rd time’s a charm!

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It’s getting closer!

I am so excited!!! I’ve been planning our “small” wedding for months now with the help of my BFF/MOH. Planning is supposed to be one of the fun parts of the wedding and yet it stresses me out completely. This is not my first marriage (but I can promise with utmost certainty that it’s my last) so I’ve been through the whole planning thing before and developed an annoying eye twitch that lasted about three months well after the day was over.

Not this time though!!! Misty, BFF/MOH, is an excellent planner and has kept the stress down to the minimum which means none since there’s nothing to stress about. Everything is falling right into place! I did register with weddingwire.com to help with a timeline and it has been awesome. There’s a countdown, which I love! Also, you can add and delete whatever you need to customize your own timeline and still be helpfully guided which helped me so much since I’m not good at all the things. Misty can cook and she knows things.

The Wedding Party

As I’ve already mentioned, Misty is my MOH and then my daughters, Amelia and Kasandra, will be on my side.

Steven asked his three daughters to be his Best Ladies. I’m leaving their attire up to them and I know they will pick something great!

The Photographer

I lucked out and my best friend from high school’s brother is a photographer. He runs specials all the time so the timing was perfect for us to get a good deal! For my peeps around east Texas, you can check him out on Facebook right here. I’m so excited to share how it all turns out!!!

The Cake

A wonderful friend of mine makes cakes on the side and has offered to make our cake. I basically told her the colors, the flowers, and for how many people and said have fun!!! I totally trust her so it will be great, I just know it!


I Googled “inexpensive wedding invitations” but couldn’t find the ones I wanted. They were either too expensive or just didn’t look right. It’s kind of like saying “yes to the dress”… you just know when you’ve found them. I was really close to just settling but decided to wait. Actually, I waited a weekend and on Monday I went hunting one more time and BOOM! there they were. I got them for half the price of the ones from the Friday before!!!! They were here in just a few days and I could not be happier!! If you wanna see what they look like, just go here.

I, also, Googled “Ann’s Bridal Bargains coupon” and received another $11 off!! I can’t remember what website gave me the discount code but I promise to remember stuff like that next time so I can share it with you. I’m still getting used to all the new blogging thing and I am falling more and more in love with it!!


We’re going with sunflowers and some sort of purple accent flower. I’m thinking we’ll just go to Hobby Lobby and see what they have… they run a lot of sales throughout the year. Misty keeps up with that better than me. I used to work in a flower shop (best job EVER/ next to this one, of course) and learned how to put together arrangements so that’s covered.

I’m really excited to tell you more about what’s happening during the planning process!!!

Do you have any tips to share?


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