Our de-stressing trip to Galveston – 2017

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Oh how I love this woman…

My Mimi will be 92 in January. She spent the last 10 years taking care of my beautiful and very sassy aunt. The party never started till she walked in. Walking became difficult for her after she was diagnosed with COPD and congestive heart failure. We lost her in August and you can imagine the devastation. We miss her terribly.

Steven and I went to visit Mimi, after things settled down a bit, and we got on the subject of traveling. Mimi traveled A LOT with my Pa during their nearly 60 years of marriage. We lost him in 2004. Anyway, Mimi was reminiscing about her travels and telling us stories when I asked her if she could go anywhere, where would she go? She said she would love to go to Galveston so she could stick her toes in the sand one more time.

Done. I said let me start planning and we will make that happen!

I spent that next week…

looking up every single hotel in Galveston. I knew I wanted a place where we could access the beach without having to cross the boulevard. I found the Holiday Inn Club Vacations and it’s right on the beach AND they have two-bedroom villas with balconies!! Jackpot!! Mimi was beside herself happy, too!

She spent the next few weeks feeling so excited about going that it was all we talked about until the day we headed out. Mimi gets car sick and needed to sit up front with “Honey”; that’s what she calls Steven. I tend to get car sick also when sitting in the backseat so I made sure to stock up on Bonine because that stuff WORKS. We took our time and stopped whenever we wanted to so it took about five or six hours. That was the most relaxing, stress-free road trip I’ve ever been on.

So, we get checked in to the Holiday Inn and the room was absolutely awesome! It had two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a kitchen with all the appliances we would need, and a living room. We unloaded our stuff and went straight to the beach.

We picked up sea shells and watched the waves until Mimi was ready to go lay down. She sent us out to get some seafood since that was the other part of her bucket list and the lady at the check-in desk suggested Shrimp N Stuff. That place was awesome. We got so full that we went straight to bed after our bellies were full. Steven and I had not been used to eating like that since we are on a plant based diet but made the exception for her because, HELLO, it’s Mimi!!! We ate so much those two days and it was ALL good.

Beautiful and stress-free…

Mimi just relaxed in her room the rest of the time which is exactly what she wanted to do. She could see the ocean from her window and if she wanted a bigger view, then she would walk out on the balcony.

It made our hearts happy to take care of her and get her whatever she wanted. Steven and I didn’t mind the short drive to town to pick up Joe’s Crab Shack or something from Kroger when she requested it. That’s what you’re supposed to do for your elders. Mimi spent many a weekend taking care of me as I grew up and it was a beautiful feeling to return the favor.

On the final day of our stay, Steven woke up before dawn and started getting dressed. I remembered him saying he wanted to watch the sunrise but hadn’t thought he was serious since he’s not an early riser in the least little. Before he could leave, I popped out of bed and got dressed as quick as I could and kissed Mimi bye. We ran down to the beach like little kids wanting to be the first in line to get ice cream! He set up his camera and filmed the whole sunrise.

That experience was a first for both of us. Even remembering it now gives me a sense of peace and makes me want to move down there. Mimi told us when we got back to the room that she went out on her balcony and watched it, too.

It was a trip that Steven and I will both hold dear and we already have Mimi thinking about where she wants to go next!

Have you ever been to Galveston?

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