When Angela met Steven

So, it’s the end of 2014…

I’m “seeing someone”… well, kind of. Having phone conversations with someone who is four hours away doesn’t necessarily count for a relationship but I honored it all the same. My girls’ father and I have joint custody so that means they are with me for a week and then they go to their dad’s for a week. We’ve done it this way for many years now. So, I would sit in my house by myself during the weeks they were gone and watch old movies (single mom = no cable) and listen to music (thank you John Mayer!). I would tinker around my house or sit on the couch and scroll on Facebook for hours as long as I had enough data (single mom = no internet for wifi).

Word to the wise, don’t let your kids play on your phone if you don’t have unlimited data. I let that happen one time and it proved to be a total disappointment when I got my phone back to see that I had about 1/2 a gig left… to last me three weeks… nice.


The reason I bring that up is just to explain how I had no way to download the Facebook messenger and I could see that I had a message waiting but no way to check. December 20, a Saturday, rolls around and the girls and I are visiting my brother. It was for a Christmas trip/present from our dad to go to Six Flags Fiesta Texas that day. My brother is a total computer whiz. He has wifi and was able to get the messenger on my phone. I see the message and it’s from Steven… from December 5th… whoops. I’m thinking “hey, that’s that guy that sent me a friend request a couple weeks ago that works at the same place I do”.

It went like this:


Steven – I don’t have the nerve to say hello to your face. So I’ll do it on here lol HELLO!!!


Me – What?? Lol why not?

Steven – Because!! Lmbo I will maybe. Your Facebook said you are single.. Michael said you’re not ๐Ÿ™ lol I need a few more friends anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

Me – Well I’m seeing someone but friends are good ๐Ÿ™‚ย You do know that saying hello is NOT the equivalent to a marriage proposal right? lol

Steven Hahaha really!!!! You’re funny. That’s awesome.

Me – I have my moments ๐Ÿ˜‰

Steven –ย I’m glad you told me about that because I was about to post that we were engaged on Facebook. That was a close one. lol

Me –ย Lmbo!! Look at me helping you out… that’s what friends are for

Steven –ย Yeah I need more friends like you to keep me from doing dumb stuff! Lol ๐Ÿ˜›

Me –ย Well make me a list of your other friends so we can form a group and support each other ๐Ÿ˜‰

Instant connection!!

So it began… cue heart melting. When I would text him, he would text back immediately and I would do the same when he would text me. It made my heart so happy seeing as other guys wait hours to text back. I did explain to him the whole Facebook messenger fiasco and it’s something he likes to give me a hard time about still to this day. I looked forward to every message he would send me. We messaged each other the whole time I was at Fiesta Texas until my phone died.

As soon as I got it back on the charger, we were texting nonstop again. It was mainly just the “getting to know you” stuff and the amount of things we had in common impressed both of us. This continued on into the following week which, of course, was Christmas. My mom came up to stay the holiday with the girls and I.

Steven had asked me on a date and as bad as I wanted to go, I was hesitant due to the four hour away guy. Steven told me we could go out as friends and I said OK so we decided to go on the upcoming Saturday. Christmas with my mom and my girls was wonderful. We watched all the Christmas movies and drank all the hot cocoa. The girls eventually had to go to their dad’s so then it was just me and my sweet momma.

The day after Christmas…

He and I both had to work the Friday after Christmas so he told me he wanted to bring me lunch. I was on a big fajita chicken sub kick so he told me to call it in to the store next door to our work. To get in to where I sit, there is a big revolving door that moves super slow. You gotta remember that this was the very first time we met each other in person so I promised him that I wouldn’t watch him walk in since it’s the absolute most awkward feeling in the world. I, purposefully, didn’t look at him until I knew he was in my office.

He was bashful and shy and basically shoved my sandwich at me saying he had to go and would see me later. I was shy and bashful, too, so it was perfect. We laugh at that story now!!

The sub was delicious and I could NOT WAIT for our “friend” date!!!

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  1. This story is so cute! When I met my husband, we were introduced by some friends. We knew they were introducing us, but we thought they would stay too, and they all just left us. It was so awkward.

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