Last First Date

December 27, 2014, is a day I will never forget. It is the date of my last first date ever. If you missed the post on how we met, you can read it here. The girls had already left to go spend time with their dad for the Christmas holiday so it was just my mom and I relaxing at the house. I say relaxing but as the hours passed, I grew more and more nervous.

I thought it was ridiculous, to be honest.

I knew it was just a “friend date” but I was still excited. Mom didn’t mind that I was leaving her alone for an evening especially after she saw how happy I was. I almost called and cancelled from being so nervous. Mom gave me a glass of wine to calm my nerves and I’m a total light weight so one glass did the trick.

Steven came to pick me up and I could tell he was nervous, too. He was so handsome and dressed so nice! We got in his car and headed to the city for dinner and a movie. It was raining and normally I’m a nervous passenger but I wasn’t nervous about that with him. I talked the ENTIRE way. I knew from our prior conversations that he suffers a bit from social anxiety so I figured if I kept on talking, then it would make him more comfortable. I later found out I was right.

We got to the restaurant…

and it was a place that had cloth napkins, not paper. I had gum (you know, for fresh breath purposes, of course) and even though I was still a little buzzed from the wine, I knew I couldn’t just stick it under the table. The waiter came and I asked him if he had a napkin or if he just wanted my gum. He did not want my gum. But he did laugh which was what I was going for. Steven laughed, too. We had an amazing dinner and left for the movies to watch Hunger Games Mockingjay Part One. It was a good movie and I was thrilled when he held my hand as we walked out of the dark theater. Our next stop was Starbucks which is still one of my favorite places to get coffee.

On our way back to my house,

I told him a story about a mutual friend of ours that had us laughing so hard we were crying. This guy is married to my best friend and I had stayed the night with them one night. My bestie wakes me up and I hear him gagging. I asked her if he drank too much the night before and she said in her sweet, southern drawl “oh no, he’s just brushing his teeth”. The poor guy can’t brush his teeth without gagging! He starts gagging as soon as he wakes up, gags while he brushes his teeth, and continues to gag on his drive to work. I have never laughed that hard on a first date!

We get to my house…

and I really wasn’t ready for the night to end. Now, as much as I really wanted to kiss him, I didn’t. it was just a “friend date” after all. I did give him a hug and asked him to let me know he got home alright. I floated inside and sat next to Momma on the couch. I told her that I had just been on the best date of my life and that I knew there was something there. She just smiled and said she thought he was a nice young man and very nice looking. Uh, yeah!!!! But it was more than that. He was so genuinely nice and respectful.

He let me know he got home safely and we talked for the rest of the night. Needless to say, I said peace out to the other guy and Steven and I became inseparable. I can honestly say that I knew in my heart I had just been on my last first date.

Oh and just FYI, our first kiss was on New Year’s Day!

Have you been on your “last first date” yet?

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