Our Fur Babies (Part 1)

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I like to tell happy stories but as you know, in life, sad stuff happens. Be forewarned that this story does have some sadness but it will end on a bittersweet note…

Our Boy…

Cash was Steven’s dog before he and I got together. He became OUR dog rather quickly. Where Steven used to live, Cash was allowed to roam around the neighborhood since it was out in the country. When “the boys” moved in with me, he was my little shadow. We have a fenced in backyard so he spent quite a bit of time out there since he was happier outdoors. Steven was afraid he was lonely so we got to looking for a friend for Cash.

I really think Steven was the lonely one since Cash wanted to be by me all the time. He wanted a little girl to sit next to him on the couch since Cash was always on me. So we got to looking and found Bella.

I’ll tell you something about Steven and I…

We do not care for people who hurt animals or people who lie. Unfortunately, Bella was afraid of her own shadow and was terrified of Steven. (I’ll explain Bella’s story in Part 2.) ALL animals love Steven so, naturally, he was heartbroken. We came to the conclusion that she had been mistreated by a man. She wasn’t scared of Cash, though. She stuck to him like glue and being the alpha male he was, he loved it!

Cash loved to dig which is why Steven’s old neighborhood was perfect for him because he never felt the need to dig. Right after New Year’s, we found him roaming the streets and brought him inside. He was fine. He was absolutely fine. This time wasn’t different from any other time he had dug out of the backyard. The next evening, we noticed him acting strange. He kept shaking like he had a fever and was a bit lethargic. The girls were concerned as were we but it was on a Sunday and I didn’t know of any vet clinics open on a Sunday, much less open that late in the evening. We assured the girls that if he wasn’t better by morning, we would take him straight to the vet.

The next day…

We woke up about three o’clock the next morning to Bella yapping. We went to go check and Cash had gone potty in the crate. He looked like whatever was bothering him before was gone. So, we cleaned it up and went back to bed thinking that he’d had a bug and it passed.

I ALWAYS get out of bed first. I ALWAYS let the pups outside. But, I didn’t that morning. I had overslept a little do to the middle of the night happenings and had to go straight to the shower to get ready for work.

Not that morning…

Steven went into the living room to let them out of their crate to go outside and Cash was gone. Bella was very upset and confused and our baby boy was just gone. Steven let Bella outside and came to tell me. I’ll never forget his face. I asked if he had messed in the crate again and he said shook his head no. Then, it clicked. I asked if he was dead because the reality that could have happened hit me and when he nodded yes, we both crumbled.

We took off work that day because we couldn’t keep it together. Also, there was no way I was leaving the girls home alone since they were still out of school for the holiday. I can honestly say, as a mother, that breaking the news to them was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

I believe there are two kinds of people in the world:

Those who feel their pets are part of their family and those who don’t. The latter kind will understand the heartache and devastation we experienced.

It was about two weeks before we finally stopped crying every night after the girls were in bed. It took me a while to even start grieving because I was so mad at myself for getting so close to him in the first place. I hadn’t loved a dog that much since I was a teenager. We had a dog named Bullet who was half German Shepherd and half Rottweiler. Man, I loved that dog. He was a good boy and he loved my Momma the same way Cash loved me…

Bella grieved in her own way. We bought Bella a new crate so she never went in that crate again.

So, now that I’ve probably depressed you (sorry… I tried to warn you…), Part 3 may cheer you up but it’ll be better if you read Part 2 first. Let’s just say that Cash DID have a little girlfriend out where Steven used to live… 😉

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