Carnival Cruise Elation Best First Vacation

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Before Steven and I met, he had never been on a vacation. That’s not even an exaggeration. Can you imagine? NEVER having a vacation! No, thank you.

Well, when I found that out, I started looking. I’d been on a few Carnival Cruises before and had a good feeling he would enjoy something like that. His birthday is in November which is definitely not a peak month, as I’m sure you know. I told him my plan and even though he wanted to be excited, he’s the type of person that won’t allow himself to get excited about much in case things don’t work out.

I found a 5 day cruise leaving out on a Saturday (his birthday was the next day) and would be back on Thursday. It was perfect! I had a little money in savings for a down payment and paid the rest out till it was completely paid for. Carnival has a countdown on their website after you book and we were checking it daily… I do mean EVERY day.

Word to the wise, when you’re getting ready for a cruise, DON’T PROCRASTINATE. We waited till the Friday before we were due to leave to get him an outfit for formal night….. the Friday before. Oh! And that was Black Friday, by the way.

Go ahead and laugh and shake your heads at us…….. I’ll wait till you’re finished.

ANYWAY, we did it… see? (Thank you Burlington Coat Factory!!)

We woke up at about four or five in the morning and heading to New Orleans, LA. He had never been there either!

This was our first road trip, too, and it was so fun to check the different radio stations as we got into Louisiana. That Creole music had us dancing it up!!

The line to get checked in and on the ship wasn’t bad at all and I remember the sigh of relief I heard from him as we climbed aboard the ship. I got SO excited when I saw they had already decorated for Christmas!!!!!

Everything was lovely. The only downside was when we went to the Main Lounge and it was all totally my fault. I can’t remember why we even went there. I know we were being told about something but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. Why, you ask? Due to, the rocking of the ship, I nearly got sick everywhere! We headed back to the room and I took some Dramamine and fought sleepiness as best I could while we walked around the ship. For future reference, Bonine is Dramamine’s non drowsy cousin. I used Bonine on our trip to Galveston when I sat in the backseat of the truck and did not get sick!

While at sea, we ate all the food we could and then we would go back to our cabin and rest.


Progreso – 

Dzibilchaltun Mayan Ruins


This was just one of the things that Steven was super excited about! Our tour guide was so great and the tour was very informative.

We went to the beach party afterward and has chips, salsa, and a few drinks then walked on the beach.



We decided to not do any excursion at this port. Our main objective was to walk around and check out all the shops. We had the best time just roaming around the tourist area!

Our time on the ship was relaxing and was just what we needed!

He said it was his best birthday EVER! We definitely can’t wait for our next vacation!!

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  1. Next time you go to Cozumel, turn right out of the tourist area and walk about a mile to a road on the right. Take a detour down there to see a cenote (sinkhole) that is one of a kind in the world due to the brackish water. My son and I happened upon it in 2014 when we took a cruise that stopped there. Another mile down the main road brings you to a resort with a tiki bar and snorkeling spot. It was son’s first time snorkeling and he was hooked! I’m a big fan of seeing things without a guide whenever it’s safe to do so. Looks like you guys had a great time!

    1. Oh yay!!! Thanks so much! We’ll be going there again in April on our honeymoon so we will definitely have to check that out!

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