Our Fur Babies (Part 2)

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After swearing off getting another dog EVER again…

We started looking for a companion for Bella. It wasn’t her fault we were a couple of sad sacks and we knew our mood was inadvertently affecting her. (Word to the wise: DON’T go to a pet store to play with puppies while you’re grieving. That’s all I’m gonna say about that. Just trust me, it will help nothing.)

We had heard that Cash’s little girlfriend down the road from where he and Steven used to live had a litter of puppies and a couple of them looked like him. The boy was the one we had thought about asking for but the lady wanted to keep him… can’t say we blamed her. We also figured there was no way he could be just like his daddy.

So I got on the Facebook to see the different dogs looking for new homes and came across a post about a BEAUTIFUL German Shepherd. Steven had said he would like a big dog to protect the girls. Done. I messaged the owner, Amie, and we decided to meet “Sister”. She wanted to see exactly where Sister would be living and make sure she seemed comfortable.

This lady amazed me, for real…

She said she had taken Sister to a couple of other houses and said that Sister never left her side. That wasn’t a good sign. A good sign is she will sit in front of you and offer you her paw. I told Amie that we totally understood and that she was more than welcome to bring her over to see if she liked us.

She was at our house by the time we got home from work and picking up the girls. We got out of the car and Sister runs up to us, sniffs for a second, sits and offers her paw to me. Talk about heart melting. We showed Amie the backyard and the house and the crate she would stay in at night (it was the big one that Cash and Bella shared and yes we cleaned it very well). Amie was pleased but sad at the same time. Her living situation had changed to where she couldn’t keep a 50 pound dog. We all assured her that she was welcome any time and we’ve kept in touch with her on the Facebook.

Sister and Bella took a little while to connect but they are the best of friends now!

Just so you know,

Sister did not take the place of Cash but she has distracted us from the pain of losing him.

We took them both to the vet to ensure they had their shots and pills that they needed and that’s when we found out a little more about our sweet, skittish Bella. When we got her, the lady sold her to us for $200 so she could “make sure she was going to a good home”. She also said Bella was house trained, that she had only had one litter of puppies, and was about two or three years old.

…………… yeah she wasn’t house trained but she did eventually learn.

So, we went to the vet…

Find out that Bella was, in fact, six or seven years old and has probably had more than just one litter of puppies. Oh! And let’s not forget that her pelvis had previously been broken and she has a lot of arthritis in her hips. No wonder she’s skittish! I wouldn’t want humans around me either if I’d gone through that!

We also asked the vet what he thought may have happened to Cash and he said it sounded like strychnine poisoning. Moles are a big problem where we live and that is what’s normally used for that. He could have gotten a hold of something the day he dug out of the backyard.

After getting Bella and Sister their shots and heartworm pills, we got some pills for Bella’s arthritis. A dear friend of ours who is also a dog lover gave us a posturepedic doggy bed for little Bella. Talk about a different dog! It’s been a couple of years since then but she runs and jumps and plays and will even let Steven pet her now.

It was Christmas day, the girls had left for their dad’s and Steven went to visit his girls so Momma and I could spend some time together. That night he sends me a message asking me what I thought about getting another dog…..

“What do you mean another dog?”

Yep…. here‘s how THAT went….

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