Driving around East Texas – Taking a break from it all

Sunday drive…

I know with gas prices the way they are, it’s not normal to take a “Sunday drive” anymore. Do kids even know what that is?

That’s how I learned how to drive at seven or eight years old. My stepdad would put me on his lap and control the gas and the break while I controlled the steering wheel. Don’t worry! It was all on back roads and we always drove really slow.

When I wasn’t behind the steering wheel, I remember staring out the window thinking how pretty everything was. The woods, the fields, the abandoned houses… I wondered what stories those old houses held. Then, of course, I would imagine something scary and be ready to go back home. I was a strange child.

The world has gotten in such a hurry that we don’t look at what’s around us anymore. Sure, we see it but we don’t stop to look.

It’s healthy to get away from it all and just breathe and be. Stop and listen to the sounds… I know, I know.. you hear cars but that just means you didn’t drive far enough.

Anyway, East Texas has such beautiful scenery that we try to drive around every once in a while (of course not every Sunday because that just gets too expensive) and admire God’s work. We love to take in the view that not every one gets to experience so it’s not something we’ll ever take for granted.

That’s another reason we love to travel. I don’t want to miss anything. However, it’s always so nice to get back home.

Gotta love East Texas!!!!!

Word to the wise: If you aren’t a regular here, bring an assortment of clothes. Reason being is because if you don’t like the weather, just wait a little bit… it’ll change.

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