Want to know how and why we started this?

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Stop looking at us all crazy like…

We’ve had so many questioning looks about why Steven and I decided to start this blog. I’ve been asked “What do you blog about?” The answer is (in case you haven’t noticed) I blog about anything I want! I’ve found it to be very therapeutic, quite honestly! Not to mention, I love to tell stories and help others so blogging is a perfect outlet for me!

Naturally, I had no idea where to start… I believe I found them on Pinterest. The Reese Family blogs and vlogs about their life and their travels. It was SO interesting to me that family could make a living doing something so fun!

I was tired of my only personal goal being to complete all the challenges on the Solitaire game I have on my phone. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my life! However, the feeling of wanting to contribute more was beginning to nag me. Of course the enemy put on my shoulders the self-doubt as I started digging deeper into this new project. Who will read this? Who cares what I have to say? The answer to both of those questions is “maybe no one” but I won’t let fear keep me from doing it anyway.

I did that my whole life. In my past life, I wanted to dance. I had been dancing since I was about three years old and was on the drill team in my high school. Dancing was my passion. But, I let fear drown that passion. Every insecurity from being too short (which was true in case of the New York City Rockettes) to me questioning if I was really a good dancer at all killed my dream.

So what do you do then?

Well, you find a new dream!

Writing is a close second. So now this is what I’m doing. I started out with The Reese’s blog series on how to start your own blog. Click here to check that out. I signed up for that in July and didn’t do anything with it until the end of October. After I finally started getting it going, I had some momentum in my motivation and decided to sign up for The Reese’s Fast Track Course. This link will take you to the January Course so you can read up on it. There is so much information that every day I began to feel more and more confident. Once I completed that, I decided to keep on going and take their course on How to Become a Travel Blogger! The sky is the limit for us!

One of Steven’s dreams has been to make movies. When I brought up the concept of vlogs and how that would tie into my blog, he was beyond excited! We got to shopping for what we would need and scored a great deal on an Acer laptop for him and a HP laptop for me! That particular Acer is supposed to be really great for video editing.

We both needed cameras  because my smart phone isn’t the best for taking pictures so I got the Nikon DSLR D3400 and we got Steven the Canon Power Shot SX730. We’ve had SO much fun learning the ins and outs of all of this! What makes it even better is that we are learning it together!

There’s a whole blogging community full of people who are happy to help and I have never felt so confident! If blogging is something you may be interested in, I’m not an expert but I can’t point you to the ones that are!

So, there’s the how and the why!

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