January 4th – National Trivia Day!

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Make It Family Fun Time!

I really enjoy family time and I love anything that gets the family together (as long as everyone is getting along). I used to love playing games with my grandparents when I was little. It’s one of my favorite memories and I want so badly to make happy memories with my kids so they can look back fondly on their childhood. I’ve noticed that when I bust out a game like Skipbo, they get super happy! National Trivia Day makes for a happy family day!

Ok, so I know that more than likely not EVERYONE has a Trivial Pursuit game in their house but never fear! There are plenty of alternatives!

You can get different games on your smart phone like Trivia Crack or Trivia 360! There are, also, games like CNA 360 Sing The Chorus Country for country music fans and CNA 360 Sing The Chorus POP for pop music lovers! 

However, if you like to “kick it old school” (did I just quote that?….hmmm), then you can go with the classic Trivial Pursuit. But, you wouldn’t believe what different editions that are out there! There’s a Harry Potter edition (I need to get that one for Amelia… ), The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, and even Star Wars! I found these on Amazon and there are many more, just click here!

Whatever your preference, and given that it’s an actual National Day, tonight would be a good night to do something together with the family!

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