January 6th – National Cuddle Up Day!

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It’s National Cuddle Up Day!

Believe it or not, hugging and cuddling are super good for you for lots of reasons! It releases the hormones oxytocin and dopamine which help promote happiness and eases stress! It can calm social anxiety and lower blood pressure which helps lowers the risk of heart disease!

I’m a natural hugger. I’ve ALWAYS been that way. I’ll hug you if I’m excited, if I’m sad, if you’re sad, if I’m just meeting you.. it doesn’t matter!

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In honor of this sweet day, I’m gonna be cuddling up with my precious daughters. Unfortunately, my Steven has to work today but I can hug on him when he gets back home. So the girls and I are cuddle up and watch some more “Stranger Things“.

I’m no marriage counselor so don’t take my words as actual therapy. I can’t handle that kind of pressure! I’ve been very fortunate with Steven. I definitely kissed a few frogs before we finally found each other. But we’re together now! He always cuddles and hugs me no matter what’s going on. Even after three years, the new is still there. It takes work to keep it that way, though. You just have to like AND love each other… even on days you don’t want to. The secret is to keep the mindset that it’s you and the other person as a team. Give your partner compliments, smile at them, and do things that you really don’t have to but you know your person will appreciate it. Basically, just be nice!

So if you’re married to some ol’ grumpy grumperton then wrap that ornery loved one up in your arms and let the hormones do what they do! Aaaaand good luck with that!

And if you’re a “single potato” (as my 13 year old calls it… yeah, I don’t know why..) then you may do well with something like this! You’re welcome.

Let us know how you plan to celebrate National Cuddle Up Day!

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