January 9th – Static Electricity Day…

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Static Electricity Day.

You may have noticed that there are no exclamation points included in the title of today’s post. There is a very good reason for this. Static electricity does not excite me. Not even a little. It is defined as “a stationary electric charge, typically produced by friction, that causes sparks or crackling or the attraction of dust or hair.” Uh. No, thank you. Would you like to know MY definition? Static electricity is the zap of all happiness being ripped from your body within .02 seconds.

I can remember visiting my aunt and uncle for holidays and loving the feeling of their plush, squishy carpet but not wanting to step foot on it because of that dad gum shock that it produced. Even though I’m not a HUGE fan of the tile floors throughout our house, I appreciate them!

Mimi has plush, squishy carpet, too, but there’s no way I’m NOT going to visit her so I’ve come up with somewhat of a solution! I keep a fabric softener sheet in my pocket. True story. It doesn’t eliminate the assaulting sting altogether but definitely it helps tone that mess down!

Also, I don’t care for what it does to my hair either… I have fine hair. It’s about medium thickness and wavy… and it carries static like an ex carries a grudge. I’ve found that wiping a fabric softener sheet on my hair helps but  has some amazing hair care products that help tame the frizz!

So, for Static Electricity Day, let us know! Love it? Loathe it?

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