Yes, I am Vegan. No, I’m not worried about lack of protein.

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Let me start by saying Steven and I eat a vegan diet AND

 we are not here to offend anyone by eating a vegan diet.

You would be amazed at the looks we get when someone finds out we don’t eat meat… or eggs… or cheese. Being in East Texas, the staples in the kitchen are butter, milk, sugar, flour, and meat, meat, meat. I understand it because I used to live it. However, I am very “to each their own”.

July 4, 2017, Steven and I were having a quiet day off with no plans and watching the Netflix. We stumbled upon the documentary I’m sure you’ve heard of: What The Health. Now, I’m not promoting that documentary. I’m just filling you in on what gave us a different perspective.

Steven and I have tried a lot of the healthy eating fads and even juicing but they either didn’t work for us or we were just flat-out miserable. So, after watching What The Health, we decided “why not?” (Not to mention, it really makes you not want to eat meat after you watch it.)

A little background…

On September 11, 2014, Steven went into emergency surgery and had two stents put in. It was a real eye opener for him. Since then, he’s put forth much effort to be healthy so he never has to go through that again.

Anyway, we decided to take on this new lifestyle and it’s been amazing… minus the reactions of others. But, we haven’t let that stop us!

Full disclosure, I received a book for free in exchange for a review but I can assure you every opinion in this post is all mine. The book is written by Melody Schoenfeld, MA, CSCS. and it’s called “Pleasure Not Meating You”. The title alone grabbed my interest because it’s AWESOME! Melody provides the science behind the lifestyle in a no nonsense way (which I love) and includes recipes that I’m super eager to try! Steven can’t wait to try something new, too.

Read this book for the “mic drop” comebacks, if you’re like me and have an ex husband that thinks Veganism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You’ll definitely get some education. Pick up a copy here!!! 🙂 You’re welcome!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve read it and what you thought… or if you’re interested in starting a plant-based diet. I’m not expert but I can definitely point you in a good direction!

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10 Replies to “Yes, I am Vegan. No, I’m not worried about lack of protein.

  1. I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of the What the Health documentary. As a dietitian, I found their “research and facts” to misinterpreted and exaggerated. However, I don’t disagree with the benefits of a plant-based diet. I’m not vegan but I do try to incorporate a few “meatless” days throughout the week. There are plenty of good meat substitutes out there now days!

    1. Steven and I both agree with you! The misinterpretation and exaggeration caused some eye rolling but we figured it was worth a shot to try and have found it benefits the both of us.
      The meatless options are pretty good, too!

  2. I think it’s great when people look at their health and make diet changes to better themselves! To each their own is absolutely right. No one single diet works for everyone and their lifestyle. I’m so happy for you that you found one you like!

  3. I’m not vegan, but I’ve never understood people wondering if a plant-based diet can offer protein. Meat is not the only protein! Congrats on taking charge of your health.

  4. I too decided to cut animal products out of my diet within the past couple years for health reasons. I would say I follow an 90/10 rule when it comes to animal products, 90% of the time I don’t have any animal products, but 10% of the time I do…cheese and pizza are my weaknesses! Ha! And people definitely tend to be over-opinionated on the subject, but I am glad that you are not letting that stand in your way!

    1. Thank you! It’s difficult to get around it but that book is full of all the comebacks you need! LOL
      (I’m a sucker for pizza, too…)

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