January 12th – Kiss A Ginger Day!

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I can’t kiss my ginger friend today…
she at home sick 🙁

But I will as soon as she’s better!

For now, I can tell you about her! My ginger friend is Celeste.. Angela Celeste, actually.

Celeste and I met at cosmetology school back in 2001. We hit it off instantly. I think it helped that we’re both only children. It was like having a sister, finally… if sisters had the same first name. The picture below is when we went to Austin so I could take my state boards to be a nail tech. We look like babies! I’m pretty sure that was our very first road trip EVER. I remember having so much fun. Even after driving all day, she stayed up with me the night before the test and helped me study.

In September of 2013,

I found myself in dire straits. My second ex-husband told me to take my kids and get out of his house. There’s so much more to that story but that’s not the focus of this story. The focus of this story is on a woman that I always have and always will call my sweet, dear friend…

Celeste opened her home to my daughters and me with no hesitation. She helped me move all our stuff out of that house and gave me a room of my own. She listened when I needed to vent and held me when I cried even though she was going through heartbreaks of her own. For seven months, she let me stay there and never asked me when I was planning on leaving. She was patient and kind and helped me find my voice again. We celebrated the small victories no matter how ridiculous they were. For example, I was crazy excited when I realized I could buy already shredded cheese and wouldn’t have to buy blocks of cheese and shred it myself. I meant it when I said ridiculous.

Even after living together, we are still friends. I know that’s not always the case but it just proves the bond she and I have.

When I got a house of my own…

She helped me moved yet again and helped me get things cleaned up. She prayed with me over the property and has always been a phone call away… and just a couple of blocks. Since then, we have resumed our original routine. We are both raising our kiddos and doing our thing. I don’t think my friend fully realizes how beautiful of a person she is. She’s the kind of person who deserves ALL the happiness in the world. I pray she knows deep down how much I love, respect, and appreciate her for saving my life and being there for me and my girls.

I have no doubt that once our kids are grown and we’re little old bitties, we’ll take turns sitting on each other’s porches, rocking in our rocking chairs, and drinking coffee…

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