January 23rd – National Pie Day!

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National Pie Day!

One of Steven’s favorite memories of his momma is her chocolate pie. Last year (pre-vegan), for his birthday, that’s what he wanted. So, I messaged his aunt and she gave me the recipe. It took quite a bit of practice but I finally got it mostly right.

Y’all think I’m kidding when I say stuff about me not being a fan of being in the kitchen. I ALWAYS mess something up. The first attempt included me not getting the meringue right and throwing a temper tantrum. Second attempt, I forgot to put in the butter. The third attempt was when I forgot to get evaporated milk and tried to make my own… did you know that boiling milk doesn’t stop boiling when you turn the heat off? Nope. It just keeps on boiling and then boils over and it also does not smell very good either. So, needless to say, it didn’t come out right. I think I’ve forced myself to forget exactly how many times I made those pies before they came out right.

But, they did eventually and Steven was so happy!

This year, at Christmas time, I decided to shoot for the moon and make six pies at once since I was supposed to be taking them to a few different get togethers.. (I found the one thing I could contribute finally!)

Next year, I will go for the vegan version… we shall see!!! Let me know if you want this recipe!!

Do you have a favorite pie? Let us know what it is!!!

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