January 24th – National Compliment Day!

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National Compliment Day!

Oh what a world we live in. Now, more than ever, is when we need to focus on the positive and find our happy. Giving someone a genuine compliment is something that not only brightens someone else’s day, it brightens the day of the person giving it. It’s just liking smiling at a someone. Smiles are contagious!

In the spirit of this delightful day, I would like to give a compliment to Kelli at Can Cook, Will Travel! I came across her blog looking for a recipe (y’all know I need all the help I can get…). I found her website to be absolutely awesome! She has yummy looking recipes (some are vegan!) and her overall personality is of someone I could totally see myself hanging out with!

Be sure to check out her page and give someone a compliment, not just today but everyday! Go out and spread that happy, my beautiful friends!!!!

Please let us know how you’re celebrating today!

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