January 26th – National Spouses Day!

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National Spouses Day!

Steven may not be my spouse yet but he WILL be in 77 more days!!!!!! So, we’re celebrating National Spouses Day anyway!

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And just FYI…

This is not a day for giving gifts. This is a day for spending time together! Tell your person they are the love of your life and how much you appreciate them! Steven and I have been together over three years (you can read about when we met right here) and we still tell each other EVERY DAY. Yes. Every single day. And that works for us… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You have to find someone that loves like you do. That’s the key.

So give your spouse a shout out today! Give them a big hug and make them feel extra special!

Please let us know how you’re celebrating!!

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