Yesterday was Monday.. it’s Tuesday… and I’m behind!

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Yesterday was Monday…

It was a Monday ALL DAY LONG. I had a sick kiddo over the weekend starting on Friday, Steven felt bad Saturday and then I felt sick Sunday evening. All was better by yesterday but I was/am still thrown off.

January 5th was National #WeatherpersonsDay! I sometimes feel sorry for our local meteorologists. This is East Texas. If you don’t like the weather, wait an hour. It’s a common occurrence to use the A/C at the first of the week and end it using the heater. Seriously. I mean really… seriously.


January 6th, is #NationalFrozenYogurtDay! Probably going to get Steven to run me up to Sweet Frogs after work today. Maybe if I ask real nice, he’ll just stop by there and grab me some. They have the dairy-free kind so my veganism-ness won’t be compromised!

Speaking of veganism-ista-ness, I totally tweeted to Walmart that they needed to start carrying So Delicious yogurt in my local store and they responded and told me how to go about it and then So Delicious “heart”ed it! I say that’s a win! Just FYI, the key lime one is my favorite but the blueberry is good, too! And while you’re over on the Twitter, feel free to give a shoutout to my friends over @NationalDayCal!

Anywho, I just wanted to give y’all an update and make sure y’all know I haven’t fallen off the interwebs.

Stay tuned…

I’m working on posts regarding my journey to a minimalism lifestyle! I started last night with one box. I’m normally an all or nothing type and so if my goal is not reached in one day then I’m done and over it. That’s REALLY something I need to work on. Actually, that is something that I AM working on. Just putting a dozen unused or duplicated items from my kitchen gave me a very strange, very curious, very …. motivated? happy?… feeling. It’s hard to describe. I’m pretty sure it’s hard to describe because it’s a feeling I’ve never had before. So, come see with me how all THAT plays out…


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2 Replies to “Yesterday was Monday.. it’s Tuesday… and I’m behind!

  1. I love So Delicious everything. I was very worried about yogurt when I began my vegan journey. Luckily my Publix has a whole bunch of dairy-free yogurts!

    1. Oh you’re so lucky!!! We have to go to the special grocery store to find the yogurt and cheeses… which would be fine if I didn’t want to buy everything else that’s in that store! Daiya is really good, too 🙂

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