Perfect Valentine’s Gift For Kids!

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Give the Valentine’s gift your kiddos will love!

I was asked if I wanted to try out the Mermaid Pillow in time for Valentine’s Day. Uh, well of course I did! Our girls had been talking about wanting a pillow like this for months! I received a sample for my honest feedback. Let me just tell you that I loved it so much, I bought -with my own money- another one so that both girls could have one!

All that candy and cookies given out at Valentine’s is great for cavities! Give them one of these pillows and they’ll be entertained for who knows how long.. and they are also great quality! What I think makes these pillows so cool are the colorful sequins on the back that kids can ‘draw’ on with the simple swipe of a finger or hand!

They don’t just come in the one that I’ve featured in this post, either! They have ones with dinosaurs and unicorns. Just go HERE to check them out!!


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