Hey there!!! My name is Angela and I am the other half of the Davis Duo. Steven and I aren’t actually married quite yet but April 14, 2018 will be here before you know it!! 

I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters… brand new teenage daughters (Lord, please help me). Amelia is our blonde bookworm. She’s sweet and a bit shy and has the biggest heart. Kasi is our sweet, social, sporty one and definitely my mini me. I was raised an only child for the most part so the whole sibling rivalry and bickering that comes along with sisters who are only 16 months apart is still something I’m getting used to. You’re going to fight over a black hair tie? Really? REALLY?

Lucky for me, Steven has already raised three beautiful daughters so he’s a huge help!! Together they have blessed us with two awesome grandsons and two (the third is on HER way!) precious granddaughters.

I never thought I would be a Gigi at the age of 35 but I am and I’m totally loving it!!!! I will have had plenty of practice by the time Amelia and Kasi have kiddos which won’t be for another, you know, 20 years……………. 

Steven is my best friend in the whole world (next to my Misty, of course). We’ve started this blog to share with you our journey of fitness and faith, being on a plant based diet, being parents of teenage girls, and everything else we can think of!!